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33 3 3- 3 right now... baltimore police
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are searching for the gunmen and killed her two sons.mother - pons.police say they broke into a home n west baltimooe and opened fire..egan gilliland is live from shock trauma where he mother is fighting or her life. good morning guys,the mother is in critical bbt stable condition here aa this hour... right now... police are to protect her... as the case is still under investigation. innestiggtion.the search is on for the suspecttwho shotther ann killed her happened on west lafayette avenue at whitmore avenue around 9-30 last tuesday ight. detectives say the victimss were in the house when at least three men forced their way inside with a gun.killing 19-year-ood darian horton and his brother, 23-year old allen horton.a bullee struck their mother in the hand and face. investigators say the shooting was targeted... but they don't
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have a motive. (sgt. smith) "it's too early to tell, like i said, deteetives are exploring all options, all motives. however, like i said, just want to reiterate it wasn't, it doesn't appear to be a random act.." act.."a family friend told us phe brothers who died... eachh have a twin ister.neighborr say the mothhr also has a third school-age son. pooice arr asking that you call them right away... if yy have any information that coulddhelp find the gunmen. trauma, i'm megan morning news. mayor sttehanie rawlings-blake is speeking out... followiigga string of miiconduct allegations against city police officers. officers.since fridayy.. 3 city cops have been suspended... while criminal investigations get underway. the three suspenssons come shortly after √°another√° &pwas charged lasttmonth with lying on a searchhwarrant.the mayor says it's important to hold officers accoontable. 22:42: 51 "yyo can handle
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these things different ways. you can try to sweep them under the rug and go forrweeks you're hiding them. that's not my style. when i came on board, i said that the city deserres better." better."the latest city police officer who was suspended... is under investigation in thereearen't reeeasing details pbbut the case. m-t-a police say they wonnt &pfileecharges... against the bus driver who was caught on camera having a fiit fight with passenger.witnnsses recorded monday's incident... and pooted ii on person told fox 45 that the driver and the teen were when the driver ssopped the buu... approached the girl.... and startee swwnging at her. the driver has since been they can't make an arrest... - because they didn't witness the fight. both the driver ann passengee may still choose to ooher.harges againnt each - hiring is underway t maryland's biggest casino at arundel mills... givinn ob opporrunities to another 12- pundred people. that's because vottrs approved question 7... which expands
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gambling... and allow casinos to stay open 24-hours a ay. maryland live owner davii cordish... says 8-hundred of those new employeee will be tabll game dealers... and that the casino will pay for their training. (cordish) "we made a commitment to hire thousands pf marylanders and thousands of people ho live nearby here and we're fulfilling it." it."those tabll games are expected to premier at arundel miils and other maayland spring. the amount it costs to provide health care benefits to employees is up this year.but accordinggto a new survey... it's the smallest increase we've seen in 15 years. years.tte increase was just 4-point-1 percent this year. to 15-percent hikes employers were reporting yeaas ago.the survey finds that with the 20-14 implementation of health carr reform... employers are making a greater effort to control their costs.... shifting more of the expense &pand risk on to their employee. retail sales fell in
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octooer... for the first time furniture, electronics nd harddare stores ll saw a drop in business.but saaes at -&gro stations actually increased. the u-s census bureau says part of the reason... could be unclear exactly how much an effect the storm had. 3 a holiday traditton enterrng its 5th decade is happening righh now in hhward county. county.. he poinsettia tree is being asseebled at the "mall n columbia" joel d.. smith is live there nnw to find out what makes this so special to the people there, and what kind of crazy hours joel d. lunteerr have to work t3 3 3
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coming up on the arly tickets ttat video shows... are completeeyywrong. wrong. (17:09:48) "there's too many people in need right now to not have to speed camera tickets." tickets."how oog the city hhs known that there'ssa problem... with some of the 3itatiins. ((break 1)))-&
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((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) 3 3 ad ibs))((traffic rrporter 33 meteorologist)) & 3
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((traffic reporter ad libs)) map greenspring--liberty--
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400-map 33 p3 3
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coming up... big ben ut... for sunday's game against balti. baltimore.the ravens talk about whattit will be like to go up against the steelers... without him. (17:09:08) ""t was impossible for me to be goinn that fast....!" fast....."cameeas clocking the wrong speed.the technical prrblems leading to more tickets for drrvers across the ((bbeak 2))
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the city insists sseed cameras are making city roads safer... bbt critics say the cameras are nnthing more than "scam-eras".in today's cover story, jeff abell unccvers new evidenne that's raising neww questions about speed cameras. cammras. for jarrod frrck.....earning a living....means hitting the road. (17:30:06) ""i average over a thousand miles a week...." this hard- bbsinessman has leaaned the limmts wheel load....on a &psix-lane road. (17:33:58) (auddo) "see the cars speeding has nevee been a big rig....untii the city decided to impossible por me to be going that fast....!"ago, a speed accused pim of travellinn 65 in a 35 mile per hour the citation showed his rake red light head. (17:11:08) (ticket) traffic is in front of me so if i was going 65
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there i would've frock wanted to fight the decided to pay it... thh forty far less expensive than a morning (16:55:17) "a half of day for me can dollars." but hhs attitude quickly changed....when a came in the mail. this ooe, frock of travelling 67 in a 35-mile been generated from the same samee13-hundred cold spring lane.. (17:09:06) "you know that its b-you continue its wife to convince me by t - &pprinniple to woulda ontinued to pay them..."ooher trucking companies were same ffustratioo. look &pclosely....these of other accuued speeders from the same camera..... is this trucker or this signal is blinking.ely) &p"we're not ust talking about one r two more than a dozen....:" lass eek, pity confirmed they're probiig why the radar on the cold camera is issuing abnormal why the radar on the cold camera is issuing abnormal readings....obus d ( ay.." -3p and tte outrage over that whichpprstoavwrgl whichppr... atul0-miles p lki o f in3avantage of you." frock his tickets to court....and winniig.... but price oo with the sting of defeat. ((7:09:48) "there's too many people in need right now to not have to tickets."45, news at ten. - the city has the city has chosen not toorenew its
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&pcurrent contract with the company which operates the speed camera program.beginning in january, a new ompany will take over. coming up in our 6 o'clock pour... b-p expected to admit fault... in the deadly deepwater horizon oil spill. spill.the plea deal that could be announced toddy. a raven... named the special impressive return that earned
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him the honor. ((bbeak 3))
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3 3 3 there will be some
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3 there will be some great high school matchups this weekend. champiinship football ames - will be layyd at johnny &punitas are 10- dollars.log onto fox-baltimore dot com and click on "m-i-a-a championnhips" under ot topicc for more information. informaaion.and you can win a one of the ames right now.the 4th and 5th callers at 410-481- 4545 get the tickett.. and a bottles... a ssadium blanket and hats... just in case you get cold during the games. ccming up in our 6 o'clock hour... there's been conviction in the death of michael jackson... but hhs former personal assissant is
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placing more blame. &pblame.the lawsuit filed against the king of pop's concert promoter.
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3 3 open just a month after a maryland teen dies after drinking "monster energy.. "more reports of deaths from energy many deaths have beennlinkedd

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